Why Is a Hot Dog Called a Glizzy? Meanings and Origin

Why Is a Hot Dog Called a Glizzy? Meanings and Origin

For some slang words, you could never guess their meaning just by looking at them, and such is the case with “glizzy.” Even though it sounds more like some fashion or beauty term, glizzy is a slang word for hot dogs. 

There are also other potential meanings of glizzy, such as Glock handgun. However, most people use glizzy as another word for hot dogs. 

Glizzy Origins

Glizzy is a relatively new slang term, and it became popular in the 2020s. However, it was used in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area even before that, as early as the 2000s. At first, this word was used as a slang term for Glock guns.

Some hip-hop artists with criminal roots and ties mentioned Glocks in their songs. They sometimes added “izzy” suffixes to various words, and together with Glock, Glock + izzy slowly evolved into glizzy. There is even a hip-hop artist with the stage name Shy Glizzy.

At one point in the early 2020s, people figured out that hot dogs are approximately the same length as Glock guns. Because of that, many started referring to hot dogs as glizzies, and it eventually spread to TikTok.

Since there are many hot dog-eating competitions and similar challenges, people who participate in them are jokingly called glizzy gladiators and glizzy gobblers.

As such, this term has become sort of a meme, and many people use it just because they find it funny.

Glizzy is only one of many slang words that were first used by hip-hop artists. Then, with the rise of social media, these slang words became popularized and adopted by the general population.  

Glizzy Meaning: Glock

As already mentioned, glizzy was the term for Glock guns at first. Sometimes, it was also used for other guns as well. As such, it was simply a slang name for any type of gun, even if it wasn’t a Glock. 

Glizzy Sexual Meaning

In some contexts, glizzy can serve as a sexual innuendo, referring to the male reproductive organ. This is hardly surprising since slang terms for hot dogs and sausages are also slang terms for male reproductive organs. 

Examples of Use

If you want to use glizzy to refer to a hot dog, you can do it this way:

  • “Give me some mustard and ketchup, and I will finish that glizzy in no time.”
  • “He wants to participate in glizzy eating competition. I gotta admit, he is a strong candidate.”
  • “I don’t feel like cooking tonight. I think I will just eat a glizzy or two and lay to sleep.”

On the other side, if you are a gun lover, you can use glizzy in that context:

  • “Look at my new glizzy! I bought it from an antique store.”
  • “He pulled out his glizzy and shot the guy in the legs.”
  • “You need to keep your glizzy somewhere safe. Don’t let everyone see it on you.”

Make sure that you are clear about the context in which you are using glizzy. You don’t want someone to get the wrong impression, especially since glizzy can refer to guns. Imagine if you asked a person to buy you a hot dog, and they brought you a gun instead! 

Alternatives and Variations 

If you want to say hot dog/sausage by using slang terms but don’t want to use glizzy, you have these options instead:

  • Weiner
  • Dirty water dog
  • Coney
  • Tube steak
  • Red hot
  • Frank
  • Frankfurter 
  • Link
  • Footlong

Now, if you need a slang term that refers to Glock or other guns, you can use these:

  • Glocky
  • Gat
  • Metal
  • Strap
  • Drill
  • Pole
  • Piece
  • Heat
  • Nine

All these options are great to use if you want to use slang and keep the same meaning. Keep in mind that not everyone will understand these slang terms, so use them only when appropriate and when it makes sense. 


Glizzy is a slang term its original meaning was a Glock gun. Later, this word became a slang term for hot dogs, and social media has made it popular among the general population. 

Nowadays, young people on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms are participating in glizzy eating challenges, sharing their favorite glizzy recipes, and making memes about this popular street food. How fast can you eat a glizzy?

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