WTM Meaning: Texting, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok & More

WTM Meaning Texting, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok

WTM is a slang acronym that usually stands for “What’s the matter,” “Whatever that means,” or “What’s the move.” 

These three meanings of WTM stay the same in texting and across social platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and more. The exact meaning depends on the context of the conversations.

How to Use WTM?

Let’s look at the three different ways you can use WTM, and then you can easily use it in your text conversations.

WTM Meaning What’s The Matter Whatever That Means What’s The Move

1. What’s The Matter

In this context, when you text someone with WTM is like asking someone, “What’s wrong?” or “Is something bothering you?” 

If your friend has been sending you some sad emojis or hasn’t been as chatty as usual. You might text them, “Hey, you’ve been quiet lately, WTM?” Here, you’re using WTM to show concern and ask if something is wrong, all through a text.

2. Whatever That Means

Sometimes, when you feel confused about something you heard or read, you can use WTM, as in “Whatever that means.”

It’s a way to show that you either don’t fully grasp what they’re talking about or you’re not sure how their statement applies to the current situation. It can express a bit of skepticism or a lack of knowledge about the topic.

For example, if your friend texts you a complicated scientific fact or uses a slang term you’ve never heard before, you might reply with, “Interesting… WTM.” 

3. What’s The Move

You can also use WTM as in “What’s the move” when you are asking someone about their plans or what they are doing. Here, WTM is like asking, “What’s the plan?” or “What are we doing next?” 

It’s typically used when you’re trying to figure out plans with friends, like what activity to do, where to go out, or what to work on next in a project. It’s a casual way to prompt someone for decision-making or suggestions on the next step forward.

For example, on a Friday night when you’re trying to make plans with your friends, you might group text, “So, WTM tonight?” A casual, straightforward way to ask the group about plans or suggestions for the evening.

How to Respond to WTM?

As there are three meanings of WTM, so accordingly, there are also three responding ways.

1. How to Respond When WTM Means What’s The Matter 

When someone asks you “WTM” as in “What’s the matter” in a text message, they’re showing concern for your well-being. The appropriate response is to share how you’re feeling or what’s troubling you if you’re comfortable doing so.


  • Friend: “You’ve been really quiet today… WTM?”
  • You: “Just feeling a bit down about my exam results. Thanks for asking.”

Here, your response is open and acknowledges the concern, which will make the conversation move into a supportive dialogue if desired.

2. How to Respond When WTM Means Whatever That Means

When WTM is used as “Whatever that means,” your response might either clarify the statement you made if you think it’s been misunderstood, or you could use it to express agreement with the confusion or skepticism.


  • You: “I just read that quantum computing will revolutionize cryptography, WTM.”
  • Friend: “Lol, seriously. Can you break that down for me?”
  • You: “Basically, it means future computers might be able to crack codes that are currently considered unbreakable. It’s pretty wild stuff.”

In this text dialogue, your response provides clarification on the initially confusing statement, which helps your friend have a better understanding of the topic you’re discussing with.

3. How to Respond When WTM Means What’s The Move

Responding to “WTM” in the context of “What’s the move” involves suggesting an action, plan, or decision. It’s your opportunity to propose what you think should happen next, whether it’s a plan for going out, or just deciding what to talk about.


  • Friend: “So, WTM tonight?”
  • You: “How about we check out that new movie everyone’s talking about? Starts at 8.”

In this example, your response directly suggests a specific plan, making it easy for your friends to agree or propose something else.

Other Meanings

WTM can also mean several other things, and although these meanings aren’t as common, you should still learn them in case you need them:

  • Winner Takes Most
  • Windows Task Manager
  • World Travel Market
  • Woman to Man
  • What They Meant

Alternatives and Variations

If you want to use acronyms and slang terms with similar meanings to WTM, you have several options. For instance, if you use WTM instead of What’s The Matter, you have several alternatives: 

  • U Ok?
  • What’s wrong?
  • RU Ok?
  • You Alright?
  • U Good?

Then if you want to use WTM as “What’s the move,” you can use these phrases instead:

  • what’s up
  • sup?
  • wazzup
  • what’s good?
  • what’s cookin’
  • WYD – What You Doing
  • WUBU2 – What You Been Up To


WTM is a versatile acronym that can mean several different things, including “What’s the matter,” “What’s the move,” and “Whatever that means.” These three phrases are almost equally popular, so it can be hard sometimes to decide which one of them stands behind WTM in a text. 

However, by considering the context of the whole conversation, you can figure out the meaning or simply ask the person to clarify what they meant when they wrote WTM. 

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