HBY Meaning: Texting, Snapchat, & More

HBY Meaning Texting, Snapchat

HBY is a popular acronym used in texting and on Snapchat, and it is short for “How About You” or “How ‘Bout You.” 

The phrase “How About You?” is a common question that means someone is asking for your opinion or what you’re doing or thinking after they’ve shared their own thoughts or plans.

Therefore, people use HBY especially when they want to return a question in conversation. As such, this phrase is commonly used to keep the conversation going, which is especially useful when you don’t know what to say next.

HBY How About You or How ‘Bout You

Why “How About You” Can Be Written as “How ‘Bout You”?

You may be wondering why the abbreviation of “How About You” is HBY instead of HAY.

As you may have experienced, when people talk or write, they often look for shorter ways to say things, especially in casual, informal language or when texting. 

Even though “How About You?” could technically be abbreviated as HAY when trying to shorten it, this is not what usually happens in everyday language.

Instead, people tend to shorten the way they pronounce words, and this affects how they might choose to write them down, especially in informal contexts like texting or chatting online.

When we say “How About You?” quickly and casually, it often sounds more like “How ‘Bout You?” We tend to drop the sound of the “a” in “about,” making it sound more like “‘bout.” This is a common process in English called elision, where sounds or syllables are omitted or slurred together in speech. It makes the phrase easier and faster to say.

Therefore, when someone chooses to write “How ‘Bout You?” instead of “How About You?”, they are trying to mirror the way the phrase sounds in casual conversation.

By the way, HBY can also be written as HBU because You is spelled as U. 

How to Use HBY?

Keep in mind that using HBY makes the most sense when someone already asked you a question. For example, your friend might ask you which movie genre you like the best. You can reply with something like “Thrillers and dramas, HBY?”

However, you can also use it without being asked something. Still, you will need to first make a statement and then ask, “how about you.” For example, you can say something like, “I graduated in 2019, HBY?”

How to Respond to HBY?

Here’s an example of how a text conversation that shows both how to use “HBY?” and how to respond to it:

  • Friend: “Just finished a marathon of the latest superhero movies this weekend. It was epic! HBY?”
  • You: “That sounds awesome! I actually spent the weekend outdoors, went hiking at the national park. So refreshing. Have you been on any hikes lately?”

In this dialogue, your friend uses “HBY?” to start the conversation to find out what you did over the weekend. You respond with your own activities and then keeps the conversation flowing by asking your friend a related question.

Other Meanings

HBY can also mean “how be you,” which is a bit of an awkward slang phrase used to ask people how they are. There are also other potential meanings, such as:

  • Happy Birthday to You
  • Hot Body Yoga
  • Hannah Baker Yourself (a phrase from a popular show, 13 Reasons Why)

Alternatives and Variations

There are some other ways you can keep the conversation going without using HBY:

  • HBU – How ‘Bout U
  • WBY/WBU – What ‘Bout You/U 
  • WSP – What’s Up
  • WYD – What You Doing
  • Sup
  • WUWY – What’s Up With You
  • HRU – How Are You


HBY is a common abbreviation that means “How about you?” People use it in texting and social media, mostly to keep the conversation going but also to start it. As such, HBY can be a lifesaver when you don’t know what to say or what you should ask other people when talking to them. 

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