HYD Meaning: Texting, Snapchat, & More

HYD Meaning Texting, Snapchat

HYD is a slang short for “How You Doing?” and it is a popular acronym used in texting and social media like Snapchat. People use it both to actually ask someone how they are doing and also as a casual greeting. 

A fun fact about this phrase is that it was popularized in the cult TV show “Friends,” as it was often said by one of the main characters, Joey, usually when he tried to flirt. 

How to Use HYD?

You can also use HYD however you prefer. 

For example, use it to ask someone how they are doing by texting something like, “Hey, I heard you were in the hospital. HYD?” 

But you can also use it simply to start a conversation and greet someone, “ HYD? Where did you buy the dress from your latest Instagram post?”

Additionally, you can follow Joe’s footsteps and use HYD as a pick-up line. For example, you can text your crush something like “HYD? Do you want to grab a coffee this week?”

How to Respond to HYD?

“HYD” has become a handy phrase for checking in on friends, greeting someone, or even as a light-hearted way to break the ice. 

Here is a dialogue example about how to reply to HYD on Snapchat:

  • Friend: “HYD? 😊”
  • You: “Hey! Doing alright, just been super busy with work. How about you?”
  • Friend: “Ah, I hear you. I’ve been swamped with classes myself. But can’t complain, really. 📚”
  • You: “That’s good to hear! Anything fun planned for the weekend?”
  • Friend: “Thinking of hitting the beach. Wanna join?”
  • You: “Sounds like a plan! Count me in. 🌊”

In this example, your friend starts the conversation with “HYD?” as a casual check-in, which leads to a brief exchange about how each of them is doing and eventually to making plans for the weekend. 

As you can see, HYD can be used for two purposes, to initiate the conversation and check in on friends.

Other Meanings

HYD can mean several other things, even though its main meaning is the most prevalent. Still, in some cases, people will use HYD as short for:

  • Hold You Down
  • Have You Done
  • How You Did

Alternatives and Variations

Instead of using HYD, you can use several other phrases or acronyms to ask people how they are or to simply start a conversation:

  • WYD – What You Doing
  • HAYD – How Are You Doing
  • WBY – What About You
  • WYBU2 – What You Been Up To
  • WSP – What’s Up
  • sup – a shorter version of What’s Up


HYD is a fun, casual way to either start a conversation or to genuinely ask someone how they are doing. This acronym is very popular in texting and social media. Sometimes, people use it as a joke and a reference to the character of Joey Tribbiani, one of the most popular TV show characters out there.   

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