What Is Kissing Horizontally?

What Is Kissing Horizontally

Kissing is an intimate act between two people in love. Different people love different things, so there are no rules for kissing. All that matters is that both sides enjoy the kiss.

However, some types of kisses are truly special, and everyone should try them. For example, kissing horizontally.

But what does kissing horizontally mean? What makes it different than “regular” kissing? Horizontal kissing is nothing new that you didn’t already know. To put it simply, horizontal kissing is when both partners are lying down close to each other and kissing. 

Some people prefer to lie down side by side while kissing horizontally, while others lie on each other for more intimacy.

In either case, kissing horizontally is perfect for couples who are more comfortable and intimate with each other. It brings out all the tenderness, emotions, and passion between the two lovers. 

Kissing Horizontally Vs Kissing Vertically

For many people, kissing horizontally is much more pleasant than kissing “vertically.” When they are kissing vertically, they are standing upright. Of course, these kisses can be really nice, especially when you are kissing the right person.

However, horizontal kisses are far superior to regular vertical kisses. When you lie down next to your partner, both of you are relaxed and can enjoy the kiss more. Additionally, when kissing horizontally, you have more access to your partner’s body.

Regular, vertical kisses are great for situations when you are in public and want to give a quick kiss to your partner. Or when you are greeting your partner or saying goodbye. Still, horizontal kisses will give you more intimacy, and they will make you forget about everything that’s not your partner. 

Other Benefits of Kissing Horizontally

There are some other benefits of kissing horizontally. For a start, a horizontal position is better for relaxing, and as a result, it lowers our stress levels.

A horizontal position while kissing is also great for your blood pressure because the combination of lying down and kissing calms your whole body.

Apart from more intimacy, horizontal kissing allows you to kiss for longer. You don’t have to rush your kisses, as you have all the time in this world to explore your partner’s lips and mouth.

Because of this, you feel even closer to your partner, and your emotional bond becomes stronger. 

If you kiss horizontally right before going to sleep, you will fall asleep much better. Additionally, kissing, in general, has several other health benefits, such as boosting your immune system, reducing your pain, and improving your mood. 

How to Kiss Horizontally

While there is no formula for a good kiss, there are some things you can do to make each kissing session memorable. First of all, remember that horizontal kissing is meant to be comfortable. Make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable: use pillows and even blankets for maximum comfort.

Once you both are feeling comfortable, don’t rush. Start with cuddling, saying nice things, and making eye contact. This will naturally set the stage for first kisses.

Again, take it slowly. Begin with slow, gentle, and sensual kisses. These tender kisses will slowly evolve into more passionate ones. 

Don’t forget to use your hands to gently caress your partner. Play with their hair, gently massage their shoulders, and run your fingers down their back. Do whatever both of you like and feel comfortable with. 

Even if your partner isn’t specifically telling you what to do, you can simply observe how they react to your kisses and touches.

Do the things that they like, and don’t be afraid to show or tell what you like. Both of you should be more than happy to please each other. 

Don’t forget to try different things, change your pace, and do other things to keep your kisses interesting. Even though you started from slow to more intense kisses, you can always slow down every few minutes. This will make your kissing session more playful and dynamic.

Experiment with different types of kisses, mix short and cute pecks with fiery French kisses. Gently bite or suck your partner’s lips.

Don’t forget other parts of their face: their cheeks, nose, eyes, ears, forehead, and even neck. All these parts are great for kissing, so don’t neglect them! 

Change angles every now and then to stay comfortable. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy these moments. Keep your eyes closed, relax, and try to breathe slowly. In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy these moments, the technique will come naturally! 


When you are in love, you probably can’t wait to kiss your partner until your lips become numb. Kissing horizontally is one of the best ways to express your feelings of love and desire, and it provides more comfort and intimacy than regular kissing while standing up.

So, make your bed comfortable for both you and your loved one, let some nice music play in the background, and enjoy those sweet kisses! 

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