Mexican Spanish Word Madre: Meaning and How to Use


Madre is a word you will hear a lot in Mexican Spanish slang. The term means “mother”, but with time it has evolved into at least 40 colloquial expressions. 

It has different meanings that can be positive or offensive depending on the context. 

It can also be used to accentuate other words and make sentences more powerful. Check out the examples below to learn how to use madre properly and become a true native speaker. 

The Different Uses of the Word Madre

In Mexico, the word madre means a lot more than the person who gives us life. There are different connotations depending on how and where we use the word. It can be perceived positively or negatively, so it is important to understand the implications before you start using this term. H

ere we have compiled 12 of the most popular expressions. Let’s have a look: 

1. Esa/esta madre

Mexicans use this expression to replace the word “stuff”. It can be translated to “that thing”. The diminutive “esa madrecita” is also very common and translates to “that thingy”.

2. Poca madre/A toda madre/Con madre

This idiomatic phrase is used to say someone or something is “very cool”.

3. De a madre

You can use this expression if you want to convey you have a lot of something.

4. A raja madre

This one means to go very fast.

5. Madres

In Mexican slang, the plural form of the word madre is used to convey strong emotions or astonishment. It can be translated to “damn”.

6. Me vale madre/Me vale madres

This is a very popular way to say you don’t care or you don’t give a damn about something or someone.

7. Romper la madre/Partir la madre

As with the others, this expression has no literal translation. It means to beat or hit someone. 

8. Chinga tu madre

You may have heard this one before. It is a very popular and rude curse in Mexico and is present in many song lyrics and movie dialogues. It means “fuc* you” or “go fuc* yourself”. It is probably the mother of all insults, so don’t use it lightly. 

9. Chingar la madre

Although it might sound similar to the previous one, this expression means to be annoying or to bother someone.

10. Hasta la madre

This one has two different meanings. For one, you can use it to say you are fed up with something. Also, it means you have been drinking too much. 

11. No tener madre

The literal translation is “not having a mother”. But, this expression is not related to being an orphan. In Mexico, it is a colloquial way to refer to a shameless person. 

12. Huele/sabe a madres

This popular phrase is used to refer to the bad smell or taste of something. 

Madre in other countries

No country would beat Mexico in the amount of different meanings for the word madre. However, you will find expressions containing this term in other Spanish slangs. In Cuba, for example, they use the phrase “estar de madre” to refer to someone annoying. Depending on the context it can also mean that something is unbelievable or very bad.

In Chile, they have the expression “conchetumadre”, which is the equivalent of “bastard”. 

In Spain, if something is very good they say it is “de puta madre”. 

Argentinians, on the other hand, use “puta madre” as a strong way of expressing anger or exasperation. It can be translated to “God damnit”, “Holy shit” or “For fuck’s sake”.


In this article, we have explored some of the most popular uses of the word madre. As you have seen, it can often have a very rude connotation. Be aware of the context and use them only in informal settings and between friends. 

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to curse, you can use some of these phrases too. Just pay attention to your surroundings and always be respectful. 

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