Yamete Kudasai: Meaning, in Anime, and How to Use

Yamete Kudasai Meaning

Yamete means “stop,” while kudasai means “please.” So, the phrase “yamete kudasai” means “stop please” or “please stop.” As such, this phrase is used to politely but firmly ask someone to stop what they are doing.

Yamete kudasai is often used in situations in which someone’s actions cross your boundaries and make you feel uncomfortable. For example, if someone is touching you, talking too loud, or doing anything else that annoys you. 

Also, if someone says “yamete kudasai” to you, you’d better stop what you’re doing right away. As “yamete kudasai” indicates they’re uncomfortable or concerned. Quickly stopping, acknowledging their request, and saying sorry if needed shows you care about their feelings and helps calm the situation.

Of course, the exact meaning will depend on the context. Sometimes, people will say yamete kudasai to their family, friends, or loved ones, and it will be said in a playful manner. In other situations, yamete kudasai will be used in a much harsher and sterner manner, signifying the seriousness of the situation. 

Yamete Kudasai In Anime and Pop Culture

If you have heard yamete kudasai in anime, then you may already guess that its meaning is a bit “different.” In anime, this phrase is usually said by female characters in a flirty and sensual manner.

These anime heroines mostly say yamete kudasai when there is sexual tension, and someone is touching them inappropriately. 

However, when they say yamete kudasai – please stop, they don’t actually mean it. So, yamete kudasai is most common in adult scenes where characters are getting flirty and “frisky” with each other.

In this context, “yamete kudasai” isn’t a request to stop doing something but a playful and flirtatious phrase.

Many anime shows and movies with adult content rely on the trope where the female character is somewhat shy and hesitating but still aroused and willing to participate in sexual activities. As a result, this phrase has become a staple for most of these 18+ anime shows.

Subsequently, yamete kudasai has spilled into pop culture and everyday Internet communication. Some people use it as a joke and meme, while others lean heavily into the erotic subcontext of this phrase. 

For example, popular e-girls, Twitch girl streamers, and TikTokers with an “anime girl” aesthetic often use this phrase to appear even more seductive to their followers and audience. Even though this phrase had a completely innocent meaning originally, now it has sexual connotations. 

Still, keep in mind that not every anime uses yamete kudasai in a sexual manner. There are many anime shows that don’t have adult content.

In many situations, when an anime character says yamete kudasai, it simply means “please stop,” and it has no sexual meaning.  

Yamete Kudasai Etymology and Variations

Yamete is the imperative form of the verb yameru, which means to stop, to end, to cease, to halt. Kudasai means “please,” and it is often used to ask for something, and then it has “please give me” meaning. 

Yamete can be used on its own to say “stop,” especially when you want to do it in a firm and forbidding manner. You can also say yamero, which is an even stronger and sterner version of yamete. There are also other variations, such as yamete kure, yamensyai, and yame na. 

How to Use Yamete Kudasai

If you want to use yamete kudasai phrase in its original, non-sexual context, you should only use it in situations that require it. You shouldn’t go around and say this phrase just for fun, as it may confuse people around you. 

Hopefully, you won’t need to say yamete kudasai when being in Japan or around Japanese people. In other words, hopefully, you won’t feel uncomfortable and violated so much that you need to say this phrase. 

If, however, you do get into a situation that requires the use of yamete kudasai, keep your calm. Look the person in the eyes and say yamete kudasai politely but firmly at the same time. 

On the other side, if you want to use yamete kudasai as a sexual phrase, that’s your choice, and we can’t stop you. However, try to stay respectful, and don’t use this phrase in situations where it isn’t appropriate or might offend someone. 

Similar Words and Phrases

  • Yamete kure yo – knock it off
  • Tomete kudasai – please stop, but when talking to taxi or bus drivers
  • Iya – no
  • Yada – no way
  • Dame – not allowed


Yamete kudasai is a Japanese phrase that means “please stop.” Japanese people use it when they feel uncomfortable or even hurt by someone’s actions. However, this phrase also found its way into anime shows, especially those that are 18+.

In such animes, yamete kudasai has a sexual meaning, and it is mostly used by female characters that are saying “no” to some sort of sexual activity, but they actually want and enjoy it. 

Keep in mind that many native Japanese speakers dislike this sexualized context in which yamete kudasai is used. And, let’s not forget that the whole trope of a girl saying “no” but meaning “yes” can be problematic, to say at least. 

So, if you want to use yamete kudasai in your daily life, you can, but make sure that you are acting appropriately and respectfully to people around you. 

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