FW Meaning: Texting, Snapchat, Instagram & More

FW Meaning Texting, Snapchat, Instagram & More

FW is the abbreviation of “F*ck With”, it has the same meaning on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as in WhatsApp and text messages.

“F*ck With” Meanings

When someone says “fw” or “F*ck With”, there are generally 4 meanings: 

  1. Like something. For example, “I fw this new song, it’s got such a relaxing vibe.”
  2. Like or associate with someone. For example, “I fw my co-worker, she always has my back at work.”
  3. You’re attracted to someone. For example, “I fw you day by day.”
  4. Mess with someone. For example, “I wouldn’t fw that guy, he’s always playing games and can’t be trusted.”

How to Use FW

As mentioned above for its 4 meanings, here is how to use fw.

FW means fk with

Like Something

When you “fw” something, it means you like it or enjoy it. This is commonly used to express approval or enthusiasm towards various things such as music, fashion, movies, foods, or even specific activities.

In this meaning, you can put “fw” before something you like.

For Example:

  • “Have you heard the latest album by The Weeknd? I really fw it, every track is a hit.”
  • “I just tried that new vegan restaurant downtown, and I totally fw their menu. You have to check it out.”

Like or Associate With Someone

In this context, “fw” is used to express a connection or positive feelings toward another person. It could be because of their personality, the work they do, or the relationship you share with them. 

For Example:

  • “You know Jessica from the marketing department? I really fw her; she always has innovative ideas.”

You’re Attracted to Someone

Further, “fw” can subtly express interest or a playful acknowledgment of attraction towards someone. 

In flirtatious exchanges, “fw” may convey that you like or appreciate the person you’re texting as you are interested in them romantically. 

It’s a less direct method to share how you feel without the pressure of a straight-up confession. It keeps the conversation light-hearted and without too much pressure.

For Example:

  • “Every time you post a selfie, I realize more and more how much I fw you. Your smile is contagious.”
  • “I fw the way you look at me.”

Mess With Someone

This usage of “fw” takes on a more cautious or negative connotation. When someone says they “don’t fw someone,” it implies a deliberate choice to avoid interaction with that individual due to distrust, dislike, or because they believe the person is problematic or troublesome.

It can also serve as a warning to others about the character of the person in question. 

For Example:

  • “I wouldn’t fw Mark if I were you, he’s known for spreading rumors and causing drama.”
  • “Jenny used to be my friend, but after she lied me again and again, I just don’t fw her anymore.”

Other Meanings

Fw can also mean something else:

  • Forward – If you want to use FW when you want to be sent something, you can say something like, “Pls fw me that picture she sent you.” It is commonly seen in email titles when the email is being forwarded from one person to another.
  • Firewall
  • For work
  • Future wife
  • Fashion Week


Many people use fw in texting or social media for the abbreviation of “F*ck With”. However, this acronym can also stand for other meanings like “forward,” usually in the context of forwarding files, pictures, posts, and videos.

How you understand it may depend on the situation and your relationship with the people you’re talking to.

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