What Does RQ Mean In Text?

What Does RQ Mean In Text

Generally, RQ is short for “real quick,” a phrase often used in texting and social media. It is a casual way to say “really quick” or “very quick.” People usually use it in texting to tell others that they are trying to complete a task quickly.

Here is a texting message example:

  • Friend: “Can you send me the report soon?”
  • You: “Can I come back to you in a few minutes? I need to finish something rq.”

In this example, you use “rq” to suggest that you’re engaging in something and it will be completed soon. It implies a request for your friend to wait a few minutes, after which you’ll return and continue the conversation.

RQ also has other meanings in texting, Let’s see more.

What Does RQ Mean In Text

RQ Meaning in Gaming

If you are a gamer, you have probably heard about “rage quitting,” also known as RQ, which describes when someone quits a game because they get upset after losing or getting killed. Speaking of games, RQ is also short for RuneQuest, a fantasy tabletop game. 

For example, you can say or text something like, “I think I will rq, this boss is killing me for the third time!” if you are in the middle of a gaming session and you want to ragequit.

RQ Other Meanings

There are also other, less common meanings of rq. Learn them just in case because you never know when you may need them:

  • Random question(s) – This meaning is mostly used in online forums and similar communities. You can say something like, “Feel free to ask me any rq you may have.”
  • A Request – In fanfiction communities, RQ can mean a “request.” Members of said communities send their requests to the writers, who then write fanfictions according to those requests. 
  • Respiratory quotient – a medical/scientific term describing the volume of carbon dioxide released vs the volume of oxygen taken during respiration
  • Requeue – to play again
  • Research Question 

Alternatives and Variations

When wanting to say “real quick,” there are some good alternatives you can use instead of rq:

  • ASAP – As Soon As Possible
  • in a flash
  • at the snap of a finger
  • gimme a sec


RQ is a popular and versatile acronym that can mean several different things. One of the most common meanings is “real quick,” but RQ can also mean “ragequitting,” “request(s),” and “random questions.” 

This may seem confusing, but it is easy to determine the exact meaning once you consider the context of the conversation. 

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